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Everything starts off in the invisible world before it comes visible. This is known as 'energy, spirit or source'. Knowing who and what you are as this source energy, and how to look after it, is the key to thriving.
We all know that we have a mind, a body and a Spirit.
This Spirit component, and how to look after it, is not a commonly taught subject. We don’t learn about it in school or university and anyone living in a western world isn’t provided energy mastery lessons by their parents. So, we grow up not really understanding who and what we are (as energy or spirit) nor, how do we clean, connect with and communicate to this amazing spirit of ours and the energy fields around us.

In this 12-month online membership,
 James Pask will teach the 'Art of Metaphysical Hygiene'.
James will teach you about the universal language of spirit which, once understood, will give you the inner resources to stay connected to your own power. He will teach you the Key Principles (also known as Universal Laws) that govern how you operate in this reality and energy source field. He will also give you the self-healing techniques and activities to support these ideas to empower you to intelligently look after yourself.

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"To understand your own energy body, how to keep it clean and free, and how to play by the universal laws that govern this reality we live in... is critical to living a happy and healthy life."
-James Pask, Metaphysical Teacher and Healer
Ever walked away from someone thinking they have drained your energy or left you with a negative vibe? Have you ever felt like the same events happen to you again and again like groundhog day? Have you ever wondered about karma and how it might be affecting your life, your goals and you relationships?

You probably know that thoughts are things and know that deep down we have the power to heal ourselves and move beyond current limitations. Yet how do we access this source of change and why do we have energy blockages in our life? Energy interference happens all of the time and if we are ignorant to the matrix around us, we are living with half our power switched on. There is a misunderstood and untapped ''unseen" energy world all around us. Once we can understand how to tune in and utilise it effectively we can make profound and long lasting changes to our life. You will not look at nor experience life the same again.

Learning to navigate your energetic boundaries and maintain the integrity of your spiritual health is probably the most important thing you can do today.  In this powerful 12-lesson course, you will learn about the knowing field of energy, how to tune into your own dream-time and how you can access the magic of this energy field (your spirit, nature, animals and places) to live an intentional life.

Lastly, with every lesson comes some sort of personal healing journey so that you develop the DIY tools to support your metaphysical health. So, whether you are just starting out on this journey of metaphysical knowledge, or if you are a long-term student, these lessons are succinct, practical and powerful.

How are the 12 Modules Delivered?

Every month you will gain access to a lesson (see monthly topics below) that provides video education, audio meditations and activities to explore. Plus, there is a powerful reflection question to apply to your own life. So, here’s a summary:

Video modules to inspire thought and learning.
Audio recorded meditations or healing journeys to practically apply a lesson.
 Powerful reflection questions and/or activity to try out so you can assimilate the lesson.
Additional wisdom 'corners' will be provided - giving you latest good news stories, indigenous teachings and nature/animal connection.

What is the cost to join the 12-Month Online Membership Program?

It’s just $80 per month ($20 per week), and this is transacted monthly. The standard delivery is 12 modules over 12 months.

However you never lose access to your materials, so you can take as long as you need to complete it!

So, you have plenty of time to review the materials (whether you watch them all in one go or bits of it weekly) and afford this fair monthly fee for materials that will change your life. We are flexible and anyone can opt out at any time should you choose, or PAUSE your subscription at any time.

The best news? You won't be charged for your first month of content, so you can make your own mind up whether you think the program is worth continuing on with. You will have an option to proceed or not after your first month of material. 

Who is this Online Program Membership for?

1. People wanting to learn more about their metaphysical self and how to self heal and manage their energy everyday, especially if you are prone to being affected by other people and places.

2. People who understand that physical issues and life challenges are underpinned by this metaphysical energy and want to learn how to master these principles to thrive in life.

3. You might have had your own intense spiritual experience and are on a learning path to really understand your inner spirit and the knowing field around you.

4. Anyone interested in mind, body, spirit holistic health - especially if you or someone you love has major physical, emotional or mental health issues.

5. People in the healing, coaching and wellness sectors that know this is a key part of the puzzle in resolving health and emotional related life issues and want to evolve on their spiritual journey.

6. People who understand that true freedom comes with mastering your metaphysical freedom in this life and to know the universal energy principles is authentic power.

What do the 12-month modules contain?

Who and What You Are as a Metaphysical Being
How Your Issues Develop and what to do about it
How Other People’s Energy Affects Me?
Sacred Space: How Spaces, Homes and Landscapes Affect Me?
The Knowing Field, Matrix or Dreamweave
How to Manifest What you Want
The Universal Language of Spirit - Communicating with your spirit self. 
The Power of Living Intentionally - how to live a spiritual life in the modern world
Past Lives and Ancestral Genetic Patterns
How Can You Make a Difference?: Heal Yourself / Heal the World

How do I access my Membership and what's included?

Simply CLICK HERE to visit the REGISTRATION PAGE and complete the SIGN UP FORM. After that, your credit card will be charged $80 AUD every month for the next 11 Months and your lessons will be provided by E-mail with your own e-COURSE LOG-IN

You will get access to the private membership Facebook page where James Pask will be available to answer your questions and you will see a growing library of FAQ’s to draw from. In addition, you can connect with like minded people on a similar quest of knowledge to yourself.

Below is a longer video of James talking about the Living Spirit program. 

I’m interested so keep me on your alert list!

“James’ knowledge of metaphysics and ability to communicate that knowledge in an accessible way is  fantastic. James shares his knowledge and skills with generosity and warmth, giving practical examples and ways to incorporate metaphysical principals into everyday life. James is a teacher who really walks his talk with the greatest of integrity.
- Leander, 2018

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"I've had the pleasure to work with James both individually and also in group workshops and I can honestly say it has changed my life. James expresses such gentleness and  passion when he teaches, I find his down to earth approach very grounding and real, as is the ancient wisdom from the teachings he translates into easy bit size pieces to take into every day life and use in a practical sense.  Being able to take these learnings and apply them into my life has opened and expanded my consciousness and that is where magic happens.  Words cannot describe how much respect and trust I have working with James and as I continue to work with him and I am excited to see what unfolds for me and where my life leads"

- Penny, 2018

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